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Miss Priss’s Bedroom

When we purchased the home, our kids called this room the “snake room.” It had a large black snake skin laying in the floor. Because of that, our daughter didn’t want the room at first. It took some convincing that this room would have the best view of the pool and pasture. The closet setups were perfect for her. And it was the only original room that was completely shiplap. Finally, we convinced her and we moved forward with the color scheme she requested.

From the start, this room was just meant to be a quick paint makeover with refinished floors. Easy peasy. If you’ve followed us on socials throughout the process, you know that nothing was easy peasy or went according to plan. Ha!

When our windows came in and were ordered incorrectly (another story for another day), we had to move one of her windows to another room to balance the windows on the back elevation of the home. This meant we would have to feather in the gaping hole left with shiplap taken from another area of the home that had to be demo’d out. I may be a tad impatient and decided to tackle this project myself. It’s not perfect. It’s definitely not completed to my husband’s standards, but it adds character, right?

Once the wall was feathered in, it was off to the races to paint, refinish floors, and move in!

Walls: Sherwin Williams Snowbound

Trim: Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter

Monogram on Wall: Valspar Rose Pottery

Come on in and take a look around.

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