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Kitchen Fixtures

Are you a fan of mixed metals in your fixtures? I definitely am! I find that if done right, it can make your look timeless and interesting which is exactly our goal for the farmhouse we are renovating. We are going for a traditional look that will let the original character of the home shine.

You may be wondering how to incorporate mixed metals in your own kitchen or bathroom. I have 3 simple tips for you to add additional dimension in your home.

1. Use no more than 3 metals.

It can start to feel busy when you incorporate more than 3 finishes within one space…especially if it’s a small room like a bathroom. I prefer to mix 2 (sometimes 3) metals. To create a cohesive look, pick one to be your dominant finish (which is seen the most throughout the entire space) and the others will be your accent(s).

2. Put a little distance between the metals.

If you’re struggling with blending two finishes, distance may solve that problem. Space serves as a buffer to the eye, creating a smooth transition. For example, you could mix the finishes between your faucet and the cabinet hardware since there’s space and additional materials between the two finishes creating a visual buffer.

3. Pair complimentary finishes.

Each metal has either a warm or cool undertone and some designers like to mix the two together. Although I have seen many warm and cool combinations that I like, generally speaking I prefer to pair complimentary finishes with similar undertones. Finishes with a warm undertone lean yellow/gold including brass, gold, and nickel while cool finishes lean silver such as chrome and stainless steel. Black fixtures are neutral and can pair with most anything. Additionally, avoid pairing finishes that are too close in color such as copper + brass.

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